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Updates from the front lines in the fight against occupational cancer in the fire service.


August 16, 2023

Stephen Yaciuk recently became a mentor after being asked to join the FCSN for several years. Per Steven, “I felt my heart strings being pulled in 2018 to become a peer supporter due to my PTSD and part of my journey as a cancer survivor (kidney cancer in 2012). During my hospital stay, no one other than family checked in with me and caused me to understand what fighting alone was.  Because of my experience I choose to help other firefighters understand they aren’t alone in their battle with cancer.”

Stephen has been a volunteer firefighter for 40 years.  After his surgery, his doctor said it’s possible that his cancer was caused from fighting fires.  The FCSN feels fortunate to have Stephen as a mentor supporting and guiding firefighters as they journey from cancer diagnosis to treatment and recovery.