i need help



No matter what kind of cancer you have or where you live, FCSN is here to lend a helping hand.
We provide critical assistance for career or volunteer, active or retired firefighters, emergency medical service providers, and their immediate family members who have been diagnosed with cancer. We deliver valuable post-diagnosis resources followed by  unique badge to badge, one-on-one mentorship from one of our 120 fire-service mentors who have first-hand knowledge about battling cancer. They share their survivor’s journey about their particular types of cancer, their own experiences with testing and treatments, and offer valuable insight into the recovery process. Within days, we deploy an FCSN signature toolbox free of charge. Our toolbox contains valuable resources, including our comprehensive Firefighter’s Guide to Cancer Survivorship, to help you stay organized, informed, and effectively communicate with your doctors, loved ones, and brothers and sisters in the fire service. Most importantly, the toolbox will remind you every day that you are not alone. Our dedicated team will be by you and your family’s side from diagnosis, through treatment to recovery. Select your state for your local contact information.