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No matter what kind of cancer you have or where you live, FCSN is here to lend a helping hand.

FCSN Illinois State Director Patrick Jessee can help Illinois firefighters and their families following a cancer diagnosis and provide various FCSN cancer awareness and prevention resources.

Please contact Patrick using the form below.

FCSN provides timely assistance to fire/EMS personnel and their family members who have been diagnosed with cancer. If you or someone in your immediate family has received a cancer diagnosis, we can help. Call us toll-free at 1-866-994-3276 or complete the email form below.

What to Expect
FCSN provides rapid post-diagnosis resources followed by one-on-one support from fellow firefighters. We’ll respond quickly and deliver an FCSN signature toolbox free of charge. FCSN’s toolbox contains critical resources to help you plan, communicate, and take action with your doctors, your loved ones, and your brothers and sisters in the fire service.

We’ll stick with you through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process. We have more than 120 fire-service mentors with personal experience facing many types of cancer. FCSN mentors can provide newly diagnosed fire/EMS members with valuable information about a particular type of cancer, share their own experiences with testing and treatments, and offer valuable insight into the recovery process.