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Updates from the front lines in the fight against occupational cancer in the fire service.

FEMA Grant Awarded to the FCSN

August 16, 2023

In September, a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant was awarded to the FCSN to collaborate with the National Development Research Institute and DetecTogether to offer firefighter cancer screenings and publish a follow up to FCSN’s widely hailed “Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service.”
The purpose of the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program is to enhance the safety of the public and
firefighters with respect to fire and fire-related hazards by assisting fire prevention programs and
supporting firefighter health and safety research and development. After careful consideration, FEMA determined that the FCSN’s project was consistent with the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program’s purpose and was worthy of award.

“This partnership is a major win and will allow us to be directly responsive to the needs we are hearing through our national engagement with firefighters to address cancer prevention, health and education. It will also afford us the opportunity to enhance our cancer prevention programs through cancer screenings and publishing the follow up to our white paper, “Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service,” said FCSN CEO/President Bryan Frieders. “What we are seeing today is an incredible shift in the fire service. And this collaborative effort means we will be able to continue moving the needle forward in the area of firefighter cancer prevention and support in a significant way.”